Chainway R5

Wearable BT RFID Reader

R5 Chainway Italy

R5 Chainway Italy is a latest generation wearable UHF reader.

Equipped with a built-in Impinj E710 / R2000, it allows the reading of references from a distance of over 9m. It allows to monitor user information via Bluetooth (coordinated with APP or SDK) and can be paired with an Android / IOS device to expand the RFID capability.

This RFID reader is suitable for storage, for asset management, for retail and offers maximum flexibility to efficiently optimize the operation of users who use it.

Effective warehouse management is the key to avoid supply shortage or surplus. It mainly involves processes of receiving, inventory tracking, picking, putting away and warehouse inspection.

R5 Chainway Italy devices with unrivalled data capture capability have greatly enhanced productivity with less labour costs. Warehouse administers can have real-time visibility into all information uploaded to speed up turnaround times and optimize replenishment plans.

After being appointed Chainway’s Authorized Service Center in 2014, and awarded in 2016 and 2021 as Authorized Distributor and Honored Partner Italy, TechSigno is now Excellent Channel Distributor.

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