Reliable and secure automatic identification solutions

The automatic identification technologies based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves over the air allow the univocal, automatic (hand free), massive and remote detection of static and moving objects, animals and people by means of barcodes, RFID tags, connected objects via Bluetooth and related readers.

The background of technical skills acquired over the years make TechSigno the ideal partner for the supply of automatic and massive identification solutions for organizations. The data acquired by TechSigno reading systems have unique technical and performance features that constitute the unique electronic identity of the product, the asset, the animal, whose life cycle is traced in all its phases from birth to consumption.

Technical peculiarities

remote detection

multiple tag reading

unique electronic identity

process tracking

automatic handfree identification

automation efficiency

Our areas of application

To date, the Auto – ID market is constantly growing, driven by lower prices and the ever-increasing penetration of the technology on which the entire sector is based.

TechSigno has been able to seize the opportunities of the moment by starting to operate at the service of sectors in which the use of automatic identification technologies is particularly improved in terms of company performance.