Efficient warehouse management is the key to avoiding shortages or unnecessary surpluses.

These are mainly receipt, inventory, collection, monitoring and inspection activities of the warehouse.

TechSigno devices, with their unmatched data acquisition capability, dramatically improve productivity while decreasing labor costs.

Warehouse administrators can have full control, in real time, of all information uploaded in order to speed up delivery times and optimize replenishment plans.


TechSigno identification devices, such as RFID or barcode readers, if applied to products and articles, can also be used in Retail to promptly check details such as stock level, price and stock position.

Accurate inventory counting and real-time data transmission to the system allows retailers to have a transparent view of sales and inventory data.

Thanks to TechSigno technology, the in-store experience can greatly improve as customers can receive immediate responses to their inquiries.

In addition, RFID data acquisition devices automate goods inventory, a process that usually requires time and effort on the part of insiders.


TechSigno technologies can also be used in the healthcare sector in all processes in which coding, monitoring and storing detailed patient or asset data is potentially crucial.

Radio-frequency scanning simplifies and speeds up the patient care or discharge process, for example, by reading the identification bracelet, optimizes the stock of medicines and medical equipment and improves the management of the so-called hospital “blood bank”.


In the livestock sector, RFID tags or TechSigno barcodes are applied to the animal’s ear from birth.

From that moment, the breeder can use the reading devices to collect and store information related to the growth and development of the specimen.

These electronic identification data streamline the company workload, improve accuracy in the management of animal feed and totally eliminate manual paper operations. TechSigno technology makes data such as the origin, name, type, age and price of the animal immediately available to ensure, among other things, the traceability of food from production to processing, passing through transport to the points of sale.


Fleet management is the set of activities relating to a company’s vehicle fleet. The term is also extended to means of transport other than road transport, for example to the management of the naval or air fleets.

For companies operating in the area, the costs relating to means of transport can be a significant component of company costs, to which due attention must therefore be paid.

TechSigno devices, in particular those that use RFID technology, can be used to measure and monitor in real time or afterwards the performance of vehicles, their degree of safety, the distance traveled, or to recognize the user, passengers or vehicles. themselves.