TechSigno solutions are also widely used in the healthcare sector, particularly in processes where encoding, storing, and monitoring patient data and/or data related to instruments and devices are crucial.
To fulfill these functions, TechSigno’s RFID tag-based solutions simplify and expedite various processes, such as patient care and therapy, up to the moment of patient discharge. This is achieved through the reading of an RFID bracelet containing the patient’s identifier, as well as the tracking of medication administration through barcode management and/or RFID tags, optimizing medication stocks. Furthermore, these techniques enable the tracking of medical equipment. Similar approaches can be applied to enhance many other hospital processes, including the management of the hospital blood bank.


TechSigno identification devices, such as RFID readers or barcode scanners, when applied to products and items, can be used to provide real-time information on inventory levels, pricing, and product location. Accurate inventory management of warehouse stock and on-shelf goods, with real-time transmission of collected data to the management system, enables real-time visibility of sales. Thanks to TechSigno’s tailored solutions, both the flow of goods and the in-store customer experience will be enhanced, providing immediate responses regarding available merchandise. Last but not least, RFID tags applied to goods, combined with PDAs or tablets equipped for long-range RFID tag reading, allow for the automation of inventory processes. This automation eliminates the time and effort traditionally required by staff members for inventory management.


Efficient warehouse management is the key to avoiding stock shortages or unnecessary surpluses. This involves primarily digitizing the processes of receiving, inventorying, picking, monitoring, and inspecting goods.

TechSigno’s RFID and/or Barcode technology solutions enable the tracking and organization of goods, significantly improving productivity while reducing inefficiencies and downtime.

Warehouse managers will have real-time, full control over all available goods, thereby accelerating delivery times and optimizing replenishment plans.


In the livestock industry, RFID tags or barcodes are applied to the animal’s ear from birth.

From that point on, the breeder can use reading devices to collect and store information related to the animal’s growth and development.

These identification systems streamline workload, improve accuracy in animal feeding management, and completely eliminate manual paper-based operations through tablets equipped with barcode or RFID readers and WiFi or 4G/5G communication systems.

All TechSigno solutions make the animal’s identification data immediately accessible, ensuring traceability of meat from production, through processing and transportation, all the way to retail outlets.


Fleet management encompasses all activities related to a company’s vehicle fleet. The term is also extended to include transportation modes other than road vehicles, such as naval or air fleet management. These activities go beyond mere geolocation and can include monitoring and managing cargo loading and unloading processes, as well as spare parts management. In many cases, these processes constitute the core business of the company (e.g., urban solid waste collection) and therefore require significant attention.

Solutions developed with TechSigno devices, particularly those utilizing RFID technology, enable real-time or retrospective measurement and monitoring of the performance of these processes. They provide insights not only into operator recognition and distance covered but also into service quality and efficiency levels.