Chainway unveils two new RFID products, the SR160 and R1

Recently, in order to meet the application needs of niche markets, Chainway released two new RFID products – the SR160 UHF scanner with powerful UHF and 2D capabilities and the R1 UHF/HF RFID card issuer with excellent HF and UHF performance.

SR160 UHF RFID Scanner

The SR160 is the first scanner product from Chainway. It features powerful hybrid barcode scanning and UHF capabilities.

With the application of independently developed UHF module based on the Impinj E310 chip, SR160 has excellent RFID tag read performance, the ability to accurately and quickly read a diverse range of RFID electronic tags, and a maximum reading range of more than 30cm.

In addition, the SR160 scan engine is equipped with a powerful hardware decoder, which can handle with ease most paper / screen / low-quality 1D/2D product barcodes on the market.

Users can choose among single barcode, single RFID and hybrid barcode and RFID modes for read / write applications.

The simple operation, flexible function switching, strong protective performance and damage resistance of the scanner helps users significantly improve efficiency in scenarios such as retail cash register, goods inventory, and inventory management.

R1 UHF/HF RFID card issuer

The R1 is the first high-performance card issuer launched by Chainway. It combines HF and UHF functions, supports multiple protocol standards, and maintains a high reading rate while enabling fast read processing of various electronic tags on the market.

The device is easy to deploy through connections among PC and related devices via its USB port with driverless technology. It can be broadly used in various RFID applications including logistics, access control, anti-counterfeiting and production process control systems.

In the future, Chainway will continue to strive for technological innovation and gain insight of the application needs of niche markets to provide users in various fields with more high-performing, reliable and diversified smart mobile computer products and services, and work with its partners to create value for users in more niche industries.

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