AX’Tag Locker XL UHF

The ultra-resistant UHF tag

The AX’Tag Locker XL is a tag with a carefully designed design to ensure strength and ultra resistance. 

The tag consists of a flat plate in perforated label format for inserting the plastic strap. Once sealed to the license plate, the plastic collar can no longer be removed.

This tag contains a UHF RFID chip which can be read up to 12m. It is ISO 18000-6C certified and meets the EPC Class1 Gen 2 standard.

It can be fixed on any support, even on metal elements. It allows the identification of objects such as cables, trolleys, bins, tools, containers, bags, vehicle components, containers.

The label on the plate can be customized according to its use: bar codes, text, logo, Datamatrix.

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