Communication Module (EtherCAT)

SG-CG-P4 communication modules are standard industrial bus protocol controller. We can provide versions that support bus protocols such as ProfiNet/EtherCAT/EtherNet/IP/DeviceNet/ProbusaDP. The communication module consists of two 7/8″ power supply interfaces, two M12 5-PIN bus interfaces, four M12 RFID reader interfaces and four M12 4PIN I/O interfaces: (including eight I/O interfaces).

The transmission rate is up to 100Mbps, and multiple controllers can be cascaded to the PLC to provide powerful field data acquisition and I/O control.

The housing is made of lightweight, sturdy epoxy. They have the characteristics of wide connection range, strong communication ability, good environment adaptability and high protection level.

Can connect up to 8 IO devices, with a maximum of 100 meters of communication to meet different monitoring requirements of various application environments IP67 protection level, can adapt to harsh environments such as oil (cutting fluid, etc.), dust, moisture, etc

The connector has an error-proof insert design to ensure reliability in the industrial field
7×24 continuous work, industrial level stability and high temperature resistance in the harsh environment

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