Fixed 4-8 door industrial UHF RFID reader

TS7206C4 and TS7206C8 are fixed UHF RFID readers capable of managing 4 or 8 antenna inputs.

With the Impinj R2000 chipset, it supports long-range (0-15 meters) reading of multiple tags up to 500 times/second. Complies with ISO18000-6C/6B protocols.

The working frequency includes:

Cina 920 MHz ~ 925 MHz e 840 MHz ~ 845 MHz

FCC 902 MHz ~ 928 MHz

ETSI 865 MHz ~ 868 MHz.

Output power from 0~33 dBm optional, with long distance identification, high read speed, high frequency, anti-interference, protection and easy installation.

Widely used for asset management, inventories and warehouses and ETC of vehicles.

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