Rugged Enterprise Handheld Computer

C72 is a rugged Android 11 handheld computer.

It is equipped with a quad-core processor and wireless connections of 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With an 8000mAh battery, it is able to guarantee up to 12 hours of work. Equipped with a high-performance engine for barcode scanning, and optionally with a UHF RFID reader.

Thanks to the wide range of reading devices, it allows companies to implement this single device in many areas and in particular in logistics, retail and warehouse.

After being appointed Chainway’s Authorized Service Center in 2014, and awarded in 2016 and 2021 as Authorized Distributor and Honored Partner Italy, TechSigno is now Excellent Channel Distributor.

Chainway C72 | The Next Generation of RFID Reader

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