Mobile Computer with Thermometer

The Chainway C70 is a high-performance handheld computer specifically designed for temperature measurement. Powered by Android 11 and an Octa-core processor, it boasts a top-notch configuration and rapid processing capabilities.

Equipped with an integrated infrared temperature measurement module, the device facilitates non-contact temperature measurement of both human foreheads and objects, making it versatile for use in diverse temperature measurement scenarios.

The temperature measurement module positioned on the top enhances user convenience. Additionally, it provides optional features such as NFC, barcode scanning, and more.

For detailed information on technical specifications and integration possibilities, please contact us.

After being appointed Chainway’s Authorized Service Center in 2014, and awarded in 2016 and 2021 as Authorized Distributor and Honored Partner Italy, TechSigno is now Excellent Channel Distributor.

Chainway Factory Tour

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