TechSigno introduces Confidex’s Heatwave Ultra

TechSigno, a Golden Partner of Confidex – a company within the Beontag group, has introduced Heatwave Ultra into its range of solutions. Designed to thrive in the most demanding industrial environments, Heatwave Ultra stands out from conventional RFID tags by being engineered to withstand recurring heat cycles and prolonged high temperatures, making it a breakthrough for industries facing extreme thermal challenges.

As a recent addition to the Heatwave product line, Heatwave Ultra boasts a robust thermoplastic enclosure, ensuring durability even in the harshest conditions. This cutting-edge design allows Heatwave Ultra to endure multiple heat processes, providing reliability where traditional tags fall short.

Specifically designed for environments with repeated exposure to high temperatures, Heatwave Ultra meets the needs of sectors such as automotive manufacturing. Traditionally, RFID tags used in such contexts had to be replaced after each high-temperature cycle, causing operational disruptions and increased costs. With Heatwave Ultra, companies can now rely on a single tag to withstand repeated heat cycles, ensuring continuous tracking and efficiency.

Moreover, Heatwave Ultra’s extended resistance to high temperatures makes it indispensable for manufacturing processes requiring prolonged exposure to heat. Its advanced engineering features a thermoplastic enclosure optimized for extreme temperatures, paired with a high-memory NXP UCODE 7xm+ IC, ensuring unparalleled performance in challenging conditions.

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