With 12 years experience in RFID reader and antenna research & development, Andea Electronics Technology has been one of the most professional RFID hardware solution companies. Andea has earned deserved respect of its high performance products and excellent solutions provided for system integrator in the field of RFID library management, RFID time and attendance management, RFID jewelry management, RFID casino management, RFID production automation, electronic tickets and other areas of application.

As a leading “Internet of Things” company, Chainway Information Technology is a professional provider of products and solutions of RFID and bar-code technologies. Founded in 2005, Chainway, a high-tech enterprise, has won several times the title of the Best Provider of RFID Readers. Thousands of customers from over 100 countries have experienced Chainway products in logistics, transportation, healthcare, finance, retail, electric power, livestock, manufacturing, security, warehousing, etc. TechSigno is approved to repair Chainway equipment. TechSigno is authorized to provide Service and Repair in Italy for all Chainway devices.

Confidex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performing contactless smart tickets, modular industrial-grade beacons, RFID and NFC tags and specialty labels – the key enablers for short-range wireless IoT solutions that make industrial supply chains, transactions, asset tracking and authentication of goods more efficient and secure. With strong combination of tag design competence, RF engineering, customization and manufacturing experience, Confidex products and solutions serve demanding operating environments, like automotive industry, logistics and public transport.

Hopeland Technologies, leading RFID hardware & solution integrator is committed to the development of IOT&RFID technologies, especially in UHF RFID area for more than 10 years. Main products: RFID fixed reader, RFID handheld terminals, special type RFID tags and other related smart grid specialized devices. Great achievements in the supply chain & retail shop management, intelligent production line tracking, fixed assets management, warehousing &logistics, intelligent traffic, intelligent weighing, smart grid and other related fields.

Kaptur is engaged in the design and production of barcode readers, RFID devices and mobile computing for automatic identification and data collection industries. Kaptur investment and dedication in engineering, design and quality improvements are the direct foundations of the company value to deliver cutting edge technology and solution to their partners and distributors. Kaptur barcode readers and mobile computing systems are solutions provided for system integrator in the field of Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Automatic identification and Data collection.

OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading trusted Industrial RFID tags manufacturer and supplier in China. Since the establishment in 2013, OPP IOT has been endeavoring to provide best in class, cost effective and practical RFID solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide. OPP IOT has its own production line for RFID tags with bringing in full set of advanced equipments for R&D, bonding, sealing and testing. OPP IOT offers unrivaled OEM/ODM service for customers both from domestic and abroad.

Sygole Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. is leading supplier of industrial identification products and solutions. After decades of accumulation of identification sensing technology and product innovation, Sygole has been widely recognized in the industry and became the best supplier and trusted partner of many Fortune 500 companies. Sygole can provide you reliable identification products and solutions in areas of Manufacturing, Equipment, Logistic Warehouse Management, etc.

TechSigno was founded in 2007 by a spin-off of important companies in the electronic market, thanks to its skills, it can transform ideas into values and devices. Leader in development and production of hardware and software, it operates in intelligent, connected and high-technology infrastructures. TechSigno’s intelligent devices are the innovation state-of-the-art which determine the future of the RFID market. TechSigno’s complete technical background, combined with the significant experience gained in more than 10 years of activity, make TechSigno the ideal partner in providing reliable and secure RFID and identification solutions.

Times-7 is a high-tech company specializing in the design and manufacture of RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas, based in New Zealand. Times-7 exports all over the world since the brand is well-established in the global RFID market,  Times-7 is known for high quality and reliability, as well as the significant RF expertise.Times-7 is a member of the RAIN RFID Alliance and regularly attends and participates in industry events.

ID Network Alliance

Libnamic offers web and software + hardware solutions for all kinds of companies and institutions. Libnamic seeks the best option for each customer within their needs. Tech consultancy activities include custom web and software development, RFID technologies, ERP implementation, network deployment, cybersecurity consultancy and payments automation. Thanks to RFID technologies and software, Libnamic highlights industrial production control, inventory automation at warehouses and stores, personnel and access control, security and self-checkout. Libnamic also has specialized RFID and software products for libraries.

RFID Canada is a leading technology provider with 30 plus years of experience in providing solutions including passive and active RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near field communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). RFID Canada warrants its success in identifying and developing comprehensive solutions in partnership with some of the most innovative companies, such as software providers, engineering firms, automation companies and system integrator’s that provide solutions to specific vertical markets domestically and globally.

Teknis France, is a company specialized in supply of consumables for the manufacture of electronic boards. Teknis’ customers rely on Teknis industry knowledge and technical support capabilities to help in finding solutions to their current and future production needs. Thanks to the new Smart Technologies division, Teknis France is the suitable partner in the industrial supply chain management, warehousing and logistics, fixed assets management, intelligent production line tracking, smart grid and other related fields.