Skill Development


In the Wireless communication field in which we operate, investing in Research and Development is the only option to be innovative and competitive in the ID market.

This is TechSigno‘s philosophy. The internal resources are constantly employed in the search for new technologies and in the development of original intellectual properties; our collaboration with organizations and research institutes is an important investment for the company.

This strategy allows a complete evaluation of the opportunities and risks present in each step of project design thereby enabling and assisting the attainment of the final goal.

Moreover the steady growth in experience and know-how within TechSigno permits them to offer advice and guidance to their partners who work in increasingly competitive sectors.

Innovation therefore is no longer the prerogative of large companies since small and very specialized companies have the greatest possibility to grow and develop, combining know-how and flexibility.

This is TechSigno‘s reality, immediately recognizable by anyone that approaches us.