Shenzhen (China) February 27 th 2020:
Chainway C66 & URA8 Won 2019 Star of the Internet of Things
Turin (Italy) February 14th 2020:
Thank you for visiting us at Automation and Testing 2020
Turin (Italy) January 7th 2020:
TechSigno is exhibiting at A&T – Automation and Testing 2020
Guangdong (China) December 17th 2019:
TechSigno; the new technological and commercial partner
Pittsburgh (United States) November 4th 2019:
What is RAIN RFID? Download the E-Book now
Milan (Italy) October 1st 2019:
TechSigno as been confirmed as SMAU technological partner
Udine (Italy) September 5th 2019:
Times-7’s new large True NearField Antenna Series available at TechSigno
Tampere (Finland) August 29th 2019:
Confidex eKanban labels available from stock at TechSigno
Shenzhen (China) August 1st 2019:
IOTE2019: Chainway has unveiled R3 UHF Desktop PAD Reader
Shenzhen (China) July 29th 2019:
The 12th International Internet Of Things Exhibition
Pittsburgh (United States) June 21st 2019:
TechSigno is part of the RAIN RFID alliance
Florence (Italy) June 11th 2019:
Rain RFID Alliance – Europe 2019 Meeting
Udine (Italy) June 5th 2019:
5th June is World Environment Day
Brussels (Belgium) May 21st 2019:
TechSigno joins ACT | The App Association as a member
Parma (Italy) May 20th 2019:
TechSigno at SPS Italia 2019
Udine (Italy) May 15h 2019:
Fixed UHF Reader Chainway UR4 available in Italy
Seattle (United States) April 9th 2019:
RFID Journal talks about waste management with TechSigno
Turin (Italy) April 8th 2019:
Thank you for visiting us at Droidcon 2019
Turin (Italy) March 20th 2019:
Droidcon Italy 2019: TechSigno and the New Technology Trends
Milan (Italy) March 13th 2019:
It’s All Retail 2019: Thank you for visit us
Milan (Italy) January 18th 2019:
It’s All Retail 2019: TechSigno will liaise with professionals in the retail world
Milan (Italy) November 1st 2018:
Thank you for visit us!
Milan (Italy) October 11th 2018:
TechSigno exhibits at SMAU Milano 2018
Udine (Italy) October 10th 2018:
TechSigno guest at the first appointment of DITEDI NETWORK
Milan (Italy) October 1st 2018:
TechSigno will be SMAU technological partner
Shenzhen (China) September 15th 2018:
TechSigno to represent Italy at Chainway Global Primary Partner Conference
Shenzhen (China) September 13th 2018: 
TechSigno hosted by Hopeland Technologies to define the RFID and IOT market strategies
Shenzhen (China) August 1st 2018:
TechSigno will be part of Chainway Global Primary Dealer Conference