[September 13th, 2018] -TechSigno hosted by Hopeland Technologies to define the RFID and IOT market strategies

[September 13th, 2018] – TechSigno hosted by Hopeland Technologies

Shenzhen (China) September 13th

Hopeland Technologies hosted TechSigno, partner for Southern Europe, for an interesting meeting in order to discuss together and define the strategies for RFID and IOT market. Hopeland has developed UHF RFID devices, such as RFID readers, RFID antennas and reader modules using the Impinj chips.

Roberto Chiandussi and Luca Defend visited the company to build lasting relationships based on technical sales collaboration and the quality of Hopeland Technologies’ proposals. Great interest has attracted the new smart gateways and the middleware that will allow to promote with greater efficiency the RFID applications’ development on the western markets.