TechSigno uSCAN is a Mini portable Battery-powered RFID reader with LCD and built-in Real Time Clock for data collection applications.

uSCAN is designed for read 125Khz or 13.56MHz RFID TAG anytime and anywhere without computer connectivity.

The data read from RFID TAG is shown on the display and kept into the memory with time stamp to be downloaded into the computer via the USB Interface.

The uSCAN feature are:
• 512K bytes Memory
• Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC)
• Small Size
• Read 125KHz or 13.56MHz RFID TAG
• LCD display (101 x 67 dots)
• Auto off for power saving
• Low battery indicator
• Memory full indicator

Typical application are:
• Time Attendance data collection of employee
• Exhibition visitors data collection
• Conference attendants data collection
• Guard tour monitoring system
• Student attendance data collection