R3 UHF Desktop PAD Reader

UHF Desktop PAD Reader

R3 UHF Desktop PAD Reader


Outstanding UHF RFID Performance

Chainway R3 is an UHF RFID reader/writer with 30×30 dimensions. Its large working surface makes it ideal for solving the problem of multiple and simultaneous reading. R3 is compliant to EPC C1 GEN2, ISO18000-6C.
Characterized by its external form minimally invasive, very flat (height less than 2 cm) and completely sealed making it washable and sterilizable and therefore offering a high degree of protection
R3 is connected with the outside world via standard USB, Bluetooth


    • Stylish Design
    • 4 x 4 dBi switched Circular Polarization Antenna
    • +1 dBm to 30 dBm adjustable
    • Read/Write Range > 45 mm (Read/write Range and Reading Rates depend on tags and environments)
    • Reading Rate > 200 tags/sec
    • Sealing IP65 per IEC sealing specifications


    • Inventory Management
    • Clothing and Footwear Retail
    • Jewelry Monitoring
    • Intelligent Manufacture
    • Archives and Library Management