RFID Reading Tunnel

IDCube RFID Reading Tunnel

The IDCube® reading tunnel has an opening of 500x500mm and is designed for applications where a large number of objects, equipped with RFID tags, are required to be identified and monitored quickly and accurately.

The IDCube® reader withdraws the need to individually unpack and manage parcel contents when tracking items and saves time in logistics handling of goods.

IDCube® thanks to the size of its opening is the ideal device where it is necessary to manage containers of different sizes, as well as for use with standard transport containers of blood products.

IDCube® can be easily connected with any information system thanks to the Ethernet TCP/IP connection.

Optionally, it can be equipped with an 8 “or 10” Tablet through which the staff is guided in the information acquisition process, and which allows the step-by-step control of operations, the selective display of the acquired data and the management of errors.

The data representing the lot, as well as the complete log of the operations performed, can be transferred to the management software system.

The aluminium structure of IDCube® makes it robust and at the same time light and easily transportable thanks to a trolley (Optional).

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