SmartPlate® is an RFID reader / writer with A4 dimensions. Its large working surface makes it ideal for solving the problem of multiple and simultaneous reading. In addition to convenience, it ensures reading even from long distances.
Thanks to the anti-collision system, operation is guaranteed even under conditions where the number of TAGs is high.

SmartPlate® is characterized by its external form; minimally invasive, very flat (height less than 1 cm) and completely sealed making it washable and sterilizable and therefore offering a high degree of protection.
SmartPlate® is connected with the outside world via standard USB.

SmartPlate® comes with a software that allows the setup, parameterization as well as reading management directly from the device. These readings can then be downloaded via USB and made available to applications.

The typical areas of application for this device are:

  • Desk reading of single and multiple RFID TAG
  • Reading of TAG in the healthcare environment