SG-UR-I85 Multi-Channel UHF Read/Write Device With Integrated Antennas

Multi-Channel UHF Read/Write Device with Integrated Antennas

SG-UR-I84 Multi-Channel UHF Read/Write Device With Integrated Antenna


The SG-UR-I85 is a multi-channel ultra-high frequency RFID reader/writer device with integrated antennas. It has the characteristics of fast identification speed, high accuracy.
The operating frequency is 860Mhz to 960MHz in line with EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO18000-6C. The maximum output power is 27dBm, supporting multiple communication method such as RS232/Bluetooth. The housing is made of sturdy aluminum.

Compatible with multi-protocol (EPC Global Class I Gen 2/IS0-18000-6C)
Supporting China, North America, European standards
Support RS232, Bluetooth and other communication interfaces
One-piece design with integrated reader and antenna
IP67 protection grade for harsh industrial environments

Excellent anti-collision algorithm makes multi-tag identification speed more than 400 sheets/sec
Identification accuracy is extremely high
Support for Received Signal Strength Indicator Detection (RSSI)
Support four-channel polling, can be used for multi-node data acquisition, improve coverage area; or install multiple antennas in a single node to improve tag identification reliability
Different antennas can be linked through feeders, with appropriate tags to meet different identification distance requirements
Low-power circuit design with good heat dissipation

Distributed production line
Vehicle unloading position management