PT2SCANTM is a dual technology Scanner, RFID and Laser BARCODE, that meets most of the standards available on the market. It allows the simultaneous reading of multiple RFID devices in the HF, UHF and standard 1D Barcode and is both compact and lightweight.

Ergonomically designed for easy and immediate use, without the need of special settings and calibrations, and is immediately user-customizable with the support programs provided.

It features a single push button, 4 leds, one buzzer and one vibrating motor for its control and use. Its simplicity is the fundamental characteristic which makes it ideal even for the most mundane tasks.

Featuring a backuped and tamperproof Real Time Clock, it can include, if required, a time record for each transaction. The device features two operational modes. In STAND ALONE mode the device is fully independent and can memorize the transactions of single units on its internal memory. When operation is complete the collected data at is retrieved using the USB or bluetooth. In SALVE mode the PT2SCANTM is controlled by a remote device through the USB or BLUETOOTH ports.

It is possible to reprogram the STAND ALONE functionally using the utility provided by TechSigno.

Manageability and easy of usability make the PT2SCANTM suitable for civil and industrial use. The large non-volatile internal memory, the high capacity rechargeable battery, allow a longer operativity.