PT2SCAN™WIRED is a dual technology Reader, RFID and Laser BARCODE that supports the majority of standard optical and radio available allowing multiple and simultaneous reading of HF RFID tags and different standard 1D and 2D BARCODE.

An intuitive installation process and an easy to use Setup Software, allow immediate operation without requiring any support of the technical staff.

PT2SCAN™WIRED is equipped qith a USB cable connection, hence the name “Wired”. PT2SCAN™WIRED operates in USB Virtul COM and keyboard emulation allowing the immediate transfer of the acquired data to different applications.

An “holder”, available on request with the device, allows the integration in the immediate physical user devices without requiring the development of expensive custom molds.

The case of the PT2SCAN™WIRED is also available with antibacterical/antifungal material that allow its use in healthcare settings or in the food industry.

Convenience and ease ot use make PT2SCAN™WIRED suitable for different uses health, civil and industrial and whereever the two RFID and barcode technologies need to be managed simultaneously from a single device.