Protect+ for AX’Label

Protect + for AX’Label​
With Protect +, your RFID labels are as strong as hard tags. Key features
  • Flexible protective film with ultra-reinforced adhesive
  • Compatible with curved surfaces
  • Outdoor resistance (rain, dust, chemicals, high pressure washing)
  • Aeronautical Heritage
As standard, Protect + is available for AX’Label Platina UHF 30 x 15mm, 55 x 15mm, 70 x 30mm and 95 x 22mm.
Protect + is compatible with our different lines of RFID labels : AX’Label UHF, AX’Label HF/NFC and AX’Label Platina HF/NFC.
  • 60 x 45mm
  • 85 x 45mm
  • 95 x 65mm
  • 125 x 52mm
MaterialFlexible protective film with ultra-reinforced adhesive
Mounting methodAdhesive
Applicable surfaceAny material