[October15th, 2020] – Heatwave Family of Products for Industrial Manufacturing

[October 15, 2020] – Heatwave Family of Products for Industrial Manufacturing

Heatwave Flag and Heatwave Tough offer the automotive and other industries two new heat resistant UHF RFID tags that can operate at up to 250 degrees Celsius.

The new Heatwave family of UHF RFID tags deliver effective automated tracking of goods through the high temperature phases of automotive production. The Heatwave Flag includes flexible attachment for automotive paint shop processing while the Heatwave Tough boasts exceptional performance on metallic surfaces.

TechSigno, a global provider of rugged industrial wireless products, is distributing Confidex products in Italy serving the automotive industry. Heatwave products can be applied to auto bodies to control the production process for each individual body configuration. The new tags, with special polymer design, operate effectively even at temperatures of up to 250°C in the body and paint shop.

Heatwave Flag has evolved from the field-proven Corona Classic, upgraded with the latest material innovation and with improved memory and sensitivity. Its flexible attachment design enables it to be fixed to all materials, while it can be applied so that the antenna does not come in direct contact with metal.



Heatwave Tough offers an innovative design for on-metal attachment on flat metal surfaces, while also offering flexibility for tag positioning and automated application. It comes with heat resistance of 250 degrees C for 50 minutes while it operates well around salt water, motor oil, acetone, sulfuric acid and other chemicals.

By including the latest high-memory chip generation– employing the UCODE 7xm+ chip with 384-bit digital signature and 2-kbit user memory – the new Heatwave Tough also offer flexible data implementation.
Heatwave Tough and Heatwave Flag are available now for in samples and commercial production.