KP1102: Advanced 1D Laser

Kaptur KP1102

Advanced 1D Laser

KP1102 is an entry level general purpose 1D linear imager barcode scanner. It is ideal for retail, light manufacturing, document processing, and financial institutions where point of sale, asset tracking, inventory control or other daily operations are being conducted. Its small, lightweight, and ergonomic design combined with its wide angle scanning make this scanner the perfect solution for your introduction into data capture.

DIMENSIONS: 76 x 66,5 x 168 mm

 WEIGHT: 121 gr

 CONNECTOR TYPE: RJ45 8 Pin connector


SUPPORTED INTERFACE: HID Keyboard Optional: RS232, USB Virtual COM

LASER: 645-660 nm Laser Diode

DECODING RATE: 200 Read/sec

SCANNING ANGLE: Skew ±65°- Pitch ±70°- Roll ±42°

TEMPERATURE: Operating: 0° to 50°C – Storage: -40° to 60°C