idsoft oem


The IDSOFT OEM is an Embedded RFID board for both 125KHz and 13.56MHz frequencies.
It interfaces with a TCP/IP 10-100MHz connection and is stable and secure thanks to TechSigno‘s SureConnectionTM technology that ensures the availability and five9 type connection even in environments that experience hogh electrical disturbance.
Optionally the board can be interfaced with both RS232 and RS485 ports making it possible to utilize portions of the SureConnectionTM Technology.
The wide range of power supply input voltages, and the capability for interface directly on the field with both opto-isolated inputs and relay outputs, as well as the capability to display information, make this a board suitable for many different applications.
The communication protocol is opened, configurable and managed by DLL libraries (supplied with the board) that permit quick use in the field. The package is complete with a series of accessories such as antennas and displays that can satisfy the most varied needs.

The SureConnectionTM Technology was developed by TechSigno to allow a reliable TCP/IP connection even in highly disturbed environments (like in the industrial and transportation fields). Two techniques are used to increase the reliability of the connection that work at board and system levels.

• The first is a check performed on the overall system that allows the card to restart to its initial state following any systemic block.

• The second is a local check on the connection, if this connection does not meet the timelines set, the connection is broken thus allowing the management of erroneous and/or unwanted connections.