IDSOFT 503 is a family of products designed by TechSigno ready to be fitted into standard wall box (503) for all the needs of RFID reading at 125KHz or 13.56Mhz.Typical applications for the devices of the family IDSOFT 503 are the access control, accounting services for load control (example hair dryer). IDSOFT 503 can operate in stand alone mode as well as connected to a central host using the most common serial interfaces RS232 / RS485 or Ethernet network.

Special attention has also been placed in control of costs and installation time; The fastening system and the facility of connection allow an fast installation, while the supply voltage can be selected as one of DC, AC power supplies, or POE (Power Over Ethernet).

The ease of use is assured by the supplied SW suite, that allows the setup of the functionality on site rather than in remote control. The complete documentation of the messaging and the DLL Libraries provided allow a quick and easy integration with third-party applications.