[September 5th, 2019] -Times-7’s new large True NearField Antenna Series available at TechSigno

[September 5th, 2019] – Times-7’s new large True NearField Antenna Series available at TechSigno

TechSigno is excited to introduce in Italy the new True RAIN RFID NearField Antenna Series.

The A1115, A1130 and A1163 new True NearField Antennas are explicitly designed for applications, which require “near zone only” tag detection or involve metals, liquid and other challenging materials. With hardly any far-field components and no surface dead spots, the True NearField antennas provide reliable tag reads within a very constricted read zone.

Thanks to the unique antenna design the True NearField antenna series offers three dimensions. From a compact 150 x 150 mm to a large 300 x 600 mm footprint. Furthermore, they are available in black or white.

All three antennas provide integrated mounting holes on the rear side, which can be drilled through for using mounting screws. In addition, each antenna is provided with an optional self-adhesive rubber feet kit to stop the antenna from slipping.




  • Close proximity tag reading
  • Avoid unwanted stray reads
  • Ideal for liquids and metals tracking
  • No surface dead zone
  • Available in three different sizes from compact to very large
  • Black or white radome available

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