[May 21st, 2019] ACT | App Association Membership

[May 21st, 2019] – ACT | App Association Membership

TechSigno joins ACT | The App Association as a member

The ACT | The App Association is excited to have Techsigno join us as a member of the association. The ACT team believes that apps are changing lives. Representing technology SMEs across the globe since 1998, the App Association continues to be the premier trade association for more than 5,000 app makers and connected device companies in the mobile economy. ACT provides their members with Network to success and Voice in the European Union.
TechSigno will get the insights and relationships needed to be a driver of innovation, providing reliable and secure RFID and identification solutions. TechSigno also designs, produces and industrializes turnkey custom solutions for embedded applications, Industrial IoT, and in the automotive, medical, railway and industrial automation sectors. In addition to being creator of intelligent technology, TechSigno will promote an environment that inspires and rewards innovation.