Privacy Policy

Privacy policy compliant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR)

In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereafter referred to as “GDPR”), please see below the data processing procedures for visitors to the website accessible on

The Data Controller is TechSigno S.r.l. with its registered office at via dei Boschi 2/13, Pradamano – UD (Italy) (e-mail: – PEC: – phone: +39 0432 603604).

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) may be contacted at the following address: TechSigno S.r.l.- Data Protection Officer, via dei Boschi 2/13, 33040, Pradamano – UD – ITALIA (e-mail: – PEC: – phone: +39 0432 603604).

Navigation Data
The IT systems and software responsible for the website functionality may collect personal data during ordinary operations and transfer them as implied by the use of typical Internet communication protocols. This category includes the IP addresses or the domain names of computers and terminals used, the URI/URL addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) of requested sources, the time of request, the type of request submitted to the server, the response file size, the code of the response status (success, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the user’s operating system and IT setting.

  • Purposes and legal basis for the processing (GDPR Art.13, par. 1, lett. c)
    These data are used to monitor the website’s correct functioning and to collect statistical information (most visited pages, number of visitors, time of the visit, visitor’s geographical location, etc.). Data might be used to assign responsibilities in case of cybercrimes against the website (owner’s legitimate interest).
  • Communication setting (GDPR Art.13, par. 1, lett. e, f)
    Data are processed by internal personnel only, properly authorized and trained and will not be transmitted to third parties, nor broadcast or transferred to non-EU countries. Data will be shared with competent authorities for the sole purpose of investigation.
  • Data storage period (GDPR Art.13, par. 2, lett. a)
    Except for criminal investigation purposes, data will be stored for no longer than 90 days and, if inserted into the Customer Relationship Management database (hereafter referred to as “CRM”), they will be stored for up to three years following the last interaction with the data subject.
  • Provisioning (GDPR Art.13, par. 2, lett. e)
    Data are not conferred by the interested party; they are acquired automatically by the website IT system.

Contact, download and registration forms
The discretionary, explicit and voluntary transmission of messages to TechSigno contacts, as well as the filling and submitting of forms within the above mentioned websites, entail the sender’s contact data acquisition, that are necessary to provide a response, as well as all other data included in communications and in the form fields, as well as website navigation stats.

  • Purposes and legal basis for the processing (GDPR Art. 13, paragrafo 1, lett. c)
    Contact data are required for:


    • providing a response and/or contacting the data subject;
    • updating TechSigno‘s CRM for marketing and promotional purposes, including the transfer of informative materials and invitations to promotional events, only upon the interested party’s free and specific consent (GDPR-Art.6, par. 1, lett.a)
  • Communication setting (GDPR Art. 13, par. 1, lett. e,f)
    Data are processed by properly authorized and trained personnel only (GDPR-Art.29). Data will not be broadcast.
  • Period of data storage (GDPR Art. 13, par. 2, lett. a)
    Data will be stored for the time required to respond to the message and, if inserted in the CRM, they will be stored up to three years following the last interaction with the data subject.
  • Provisioning (GDPR Art. 13, par. 2, lett. e)
    Failure to provide the required data will block the transfer of the message. Furthermore, failure to consent to the insertion of personal data in the CRM prevents TechSigno from contacting the interested party.

Interested parties can request TechSigno ‘s assistance as well as authorization for the return of merchandise. Personal and contact data are requested for service delivery.

  • Purposes and legal basis for the processing (GDPR Art. 13, par. 1, lett. c)
    Only personal and contact data needed to provide a response and the best support to the data subject are processed. Request submission is subject to the specific, free and informed consent (GDPR-Art.6, par.1, lett.a)
  • Communication setting (GDPR Art. 13, par. 1, lett. e,f)
    Data are processed by properly authorized and trained personnel only (GDPR-Art.29). Data will not be broadcast and may be shared with commercial partners for support purposes requested by the data subject.
  • Period of data storage (GDPR Art. 13, par. 2, lett. a) Data are processed for the time required by the support service to fulfill the request and may be stored for statistical function.
  • Provisioning (GDPR Art. 13, par. 2, lett. e)
    Data inserted in the mandatory fields is necessary to receive support, while non-mandatory fields are related to additional information to deliver a better service.

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send and record on his computer or mobile device, and which are then re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit. Thanks to cookies, the site remembers the actions and preferences of the user (for example, a login, your preferred language, the font size, or other display settings, etc.) so that they do not need to be indicated again when you re-visit that site and browse from page to page. Cookies are therefore used to perform authentication, monitoring sessions and to memorize information about the activities of users accessing a website and may also contain a unique identifier that makes it possible to track users navigation and experience on the site for statistical or advertising purposes. During the navigation of a site, users may receive on their computer or mobile device also cookies from sites or web servers other than the one they are visiting (so-called third-party cookies) Some operations may not be possible without the use of cookies, which in some cases are technically necessary for the operation of the site.

There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions, and these may remain on a user’s computer or mobile device for different time periods: so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted when the browser is closed; so-called persistent cookies, which remain on the user’s device until a pre-established date.

Under current Italian legislation, the use of cookies does not always require express consent. In particular, such consent is not required for the so-called “technical” cookies, i.e. cookies used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of data over an electronic communications network, or strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user. In other words, cookies that are essential for the functioning of the site or to perform tasks requested by the user.

Among the technical cookies, which do not require consent for their use, the Italian Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (cfr. General Measure for the “Identification of simplified procedures for information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookie – May 8, 2014”) also includes:

  • “analytic cookies” when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate, about the number of users and how they visit the site;
  • navigation or session cookies (for authentication, to make purchases, etc.);
  • functional cookies, which allow the user to browse the site based on a set of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided.

On the other hand, for so-called profiling cookies, i.e. those aimed at creating profiles of users and used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the users surfing habits, prior consent of the user is required.

Impostazioni relative ai cookie
Con riferimento ai cookie di navigazione o di sessione e ai cookie di funzionalità, l’utente può bloccarli o cancellarli (in tutto o in parte) attraverso le specifiche funzioni del proprio programma di navigazione (c.d. browser); tuttavia, nell’ipotesi in cui tutti o alcuni dei cookie vengano disabilitati è possibile che il Sito risulti non consultabile o che alcuni servizi o determinate funzioni del sito non siano disponibili o non funzionino correttamente e/o l’utente potrebbe essere costretto a modificare o a inserire manualmente alcune informazioni o preferenze ogni volta che visiterà il sito.

TechSigno adopts proper technical and organizational efforts to ensure the security of processed data according to the risk level and in compliance with the GDPR.

The data subject shall have the right to request access to, modification and deletion of personal data, as well as limiting or blocking the processing of data (GDPR – Art.15 and following).

The data subject shall have the right to lodge a complaint to the appointed authorities according to the expected procedures, if he/she believes that the processing of personal data is misconducted or is against the GDPR.