EMOGATE™ is a multifunction system developed for the logistics of blood. It allows the blood bags tracking and blood products through the radio frequency identification RFID technology. Manages the acquisition of the temperature profile recorded during the  blood bags movements, thus ensuring compliance with the temperature thresholds imposed by current legislation.
EMOGATE™ is equipped with a Touch Screen PC which guides the staff in the acquiring information process. Allows the operations step by step control, a selective display of data gathered and error handling. The data characterizing the lot, as well as the complete log of operations performed, may be transferred to the transfusion center software management. EMOGATE™ is made up of three separate devices integrated each other:
RFID tunnel at 13.56MHz
8689MHz Radio interface for data download from data recorder
Weighing system for lots moved.
EMOGATE™ is optionally equipped with a trolley to move within the hospital