AX’Label Platina UHF

AX’Label Platina UHF​


AX’Label Platina UHF offer market-leading read performance on metal. They are available with memories up to 64kbits.
They comply with EPC Class1 Gen2 et ISO 18000-63 standards.
With their low profile they can be fixed on any curved or flat surface.
They are resistant and allow the tracking of materials and equipment for several years.
The AX’Label Platina UHF are available in several sizes and reading ranges (EU, US, global).

EPC Encoding
Encoding according to ATA Spec 2000, GS1 standards (GIAI, VDA…)
Printing: Datamatrix, barcode, logo, QR Codes…
Custom size
Adhesive custom option
IC custom option
Compliance to ATA Spec 2000, GIAI, VDA standards

For use in an extremely harsh environment, reinforce your AX’Label with the Protect + protective film. Your AX’Label becomes AX’Label + capable of resisting water, dust, abrasion, and UV rays.Specifications

FrequencyGlobal (840 – 940 MHz)
RF StandardEPC Class1 Gen2
  • 95 x 22mm
  • 80 x 20mm
  • 70 x 30mm
  • 64 x 6mm
  • 60 x 25 mm
  • 55 x 15mm
  • 30 x 15mm
MaterialPET + Insulating layer
Mounting methodAdhesive
Applicable surfaceOn metal
Chips available
  • Monza R6P: 95 x 22mm, 80 x 20mm, 70 x 30mm, 60 x 25mm; 55 x 15mm, 30 x 15mm
  • Ucode 8: 64x6mm
Write cycles100,000 times
  • Monza R6P: user memory: 32(64)bits; EPC memory: 128(96) bits
  • Ucode 8: EPC: 128bits
TemperatureDepends on the chip
Application field
  • Tracking of transport trolleys on production lines, in laundries, hospitals, etc…
  • Construction equipment identification and tracking (tools, scaffolding, crane components, consumables, etc.)
  • Asset tracking and monitoring (datacenters, computers, servers…)
  • Identification of printed circuits and electronic boards
  • Identification of military and aeronautical equipment (ATA Spec 2000)
  • Identification of railway equipment
  • Marking of metrology equipment
  • Identification of sampling for mining
  • PPE identification
  • Manufacturing logistics