AX’Label Classic UHF

AX’Label Classic UHF

AX’Label Classic UHF line offers excellent reading performance on non-metallic equipment. They have been designed for the industrial, logistics and retail sectors.
AXEM Technology guarantees AX’Label’s resistance over several years for industrial applications in indoor or outdoor environments.
The AX’Label Classic UHF meet EPC Class1 Gen2 and ISO 18000-63 standards.
The line of RFID labels includes several sizes and reading ranges (EU, US, other).

Key features

    • EPC Encoding
    • Encoding according to ATA Spec 2000, GS1 standards (GIAI, VDA…)
    • Printing: Datamatrix, barcode, logo, QR Codes…
    • Custom size
    • Adhesive custom option
    • IC custom option
    • Compliance to ATA Spec 2000, GIAI, VDA standards

AX’Label are soon available in dual-technology.

FrequencyGlobal (840 – 940 MHz)
RF StandardEPC Class1 Gen2
  • 97 x 25mm
  • 73×18,
  • 49×33,
  • 43×63,
  • 30×13,
  • 19×13
Mounting methodAdhesive
Chips available
  • Ucode8: 30×13, 73×18, 97×25
  • Monza 4E: 49×33, 43×63
Write cycles100,000 times
Data retention
  • Ucode8: 20 years
  • Monza 4E: 50 years
Application field
  • Identification of contents (wooden/plastic pallets, shuttle boxes, etc.) and placement (shelving, etc.)
  • Tracking of transport trolleys on production lines, in laundries, hospitals, etc…
  • Construction equipment identification and tracking (tools, scaffolding, crane components, consumables, etc.)
  • Identification of military and aeronautical equipment (ATA Spec 2000)
  • Identification of railway equipment
  • Identification of sampling for mining
  • PPE identification
  • Manufacturing logistics