RAIN RFID technology provides an automated and reliable data capture system that helps enable hundreds of healthcare applications to improve patient safety, manage surgical instruments, support staff and patient workflow, automate replenishment and billing, authenticate quality and sterilization processes, manage medical equipment location and automate supply chain management.

  • Higher inventory visibility and accuracy
  • Effective recall management
  • Improve patient safety and care
  • Automate payments and increase profitability
  • Reduce product expiration, shrinkage and waste
  • Decrease supply chain and equipment costs
  • Reduce hospital-acquired infections
  • Prevent medical errors due to misidentification

“RAIN RFID is an enabling technology that saves lives, prevents errors, saves costs and increases efficiencies. Many parts of the healthcare industry have already experienced these benefits as shown by the market growth rate of 35% each year through 2020.” – IDTechEx