[November 30th, 2021] Confidex Green Tuesday with Partners

[November 30th, 2021] Confidex Green Tuesday with Partners

Our next joint mission: Cleaning the Oceans. Let’s clean the ocean together!

Every year, millions of tons of plastics enter the ocean circulating until they break down into smaller pieces becoming harder to clean up and increasingly easier to mistake for food by sea life. This will impact our ecosystems, health, and economies for decades or even centuries.

Last year’s Confidex Green Tuesday mission was to help save the Baltic Sea with the John Nurminen Foundation. Our campaign raised donations equal to removing 21 tons of toxic blue-green algae!

This year our mission is with The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic as well as technologies that intercept the garbage

How to join our Green Tuesday ocean challenge?

For every purchase order placed by our partners during Nov 30- Dec 5, we donate 3 % of the order value to The Ocean Cleanup.

Every 300 euro purchase enables cleaning an area equal of one football field in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.