[October 26th, 2021] Google’s Smart Tap 2.1

[October 26, 2021] Google’s Smart Tap 2.1

TechSigno is proud to inform that the KP6020 contactless reader meets Google’s certification requirement.

We are happy to let you know that our KP6020 secure USB NFC Reader meets Google’ Smart Tap 2.1 certification requirements. The approval indicates that Kaptur’s product meets Google’ security and operational standards. KP6020 secure USB NFC Reader is ideal for contactless applications. It supports NFC tags and devices. Through the SAM (Secure Access Module) slot provides a high level of security in contactless operations. KP6020 secure is suitable for any contactless smart card application such as personal identity verification, network login etc. KP6020 secure optionally can be configured to support the RFID LF standard, so with its enhanced NFC features, it is also ideal for nonconventional RFID applications.

KP6020 secure is PC/SC-compliant, allowing interoperability across different applications and platforms.