TechSigno announced the availability of Chainway devices with Android 11.0.

TechSigno announced the availability of Chainway devices with Android 11.0.

Chainway Information Technology has included in its range of products, the Android 11 version in most configurations and devices.

The new version of the operating system offers greater guarantees in terms of safety as well as improvements in terms of battery management and functionality available to the user.

Main Features


The video recording function integrated directly into the operating system has been introduced: it is now possible to take a screenshot and share what you see on the handheld device without having to download other apps and it is possible to record the sound from microphone, device or both.

New access mode

It is possibile to access your handheld devices by simply holding down the power button for a long time. Control connected devices or lock and unlock the device with a simple touch, so there is no need to open too many apps.

Android Auto

It works wirelessly for all devices with Android 11, it will be enough to have a compatible vehicle. In this way it will be possible to receive directions with a simple touch, send a message or get help from the Google Assistant.

More control over privacy and data

One-time permissions allow the user to access the most sensitive components: microphones, camera and location. Each time an app needs to access the sensors, it will have to request permission again.

Faster security patches

Thanks to the additional Google Play system update modules, the latter will send the device the security and privacy patches, which will thus be released from the complete update of the operating system.

Innovative features

Thanks to the use of more performing processors, on some devices the functionality of the UHF reader integrated in the smartphone version or the automatic calculation of the volume of a package or a pallet are available.

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