3GScan® is an RFID reader / writer which is ergonomic, small and light and connects to the outside world via a GPRS connection. It is an ideal device for the management and certification of mobile working.

3GScan® is an easy to use wearable device. Its simple keyboard and color display, allow immediate use of the device and does not require specific instructions.

3GScan® is sealed, sterilized and powered by two standard AA batteries. The GPRS is activated on request. This combined with its optimized power management allow long battery life.

3GScan® software features two levels of customization: the first level is integrated on the device, while the second, higher level is a web-based application which is installed on the host. The software allows the reading of RFID devices as well as the association of operators/activities through the loaded white-list.
To complete the system a docking station with USB function and Bluetooth connection as well as a battery charger also available.

Typical areas of application for this device are:

  • Home care
  • Surveillance
  • Activities of service cooperatives
  • Maintenance Management